Louise Smith Fine Art provides;


Realistic Market Valuations.

Updates to Existing Valuations.

Valuations for Charitable Donations.

Valuations for Deceased Estates.

Valuations for Insurance.

Valuations for Superannuation Funds.

Valuations for the cultural gifts program.


Realistic Market Valuations.


Realistic market value is an estimate of the market value of an art piece based on what an informed buyer would willingly pay to purchase the item from an informed seller in today’s market.


It provides you with clarification of the current value of your art in the marketplace today.


Updates to Existing Valuations.


The art market, just like any other, can be susceptible to market influences and changes in values, therefore it is important to keep your existing valuations up to date to ensure that your art is fully covered by insurance. 


If you are considering selling any piece of art you may also require an update to a valuation to give you an appraisal of the current value of the artwork, this will help you to set a reserve price etc.


Valuations for Charitable Donations.


Any accountant will advise that you can help your favourite cause and reduce your tax bill by making a charitable donation.

In the case of donating art to a registered charity an appropriate valuation is required to ensure your donation is recognised and accepted by the ATO.  


Deceased Estates.


At a most sensitive time, a market valuation may be required for probate purposes to finalise a deceased estate.


The solicitor or executor of the will provide written directions for a valuation to be prepared reflecting the current market value and including any specific requirements detailed in the will.


A detailed valuation which includes an inventory and valuation for insurance or auction can then be provided.


Insurance Valuations.


Confidential insurance appraisals can be provided based on retail replacement or open market values.

To protect the insured value of your art and to certify your valuations reflect current market conditions, reappraisals can be conducted at regular intervals.


Valuations for Superannuation Funds.


Before you purchase any artwork it’s good practice to seek independent advice regarding the value, the provenance and condition of the artwork, especially if you’re considering purchasing art as an investment or for a superannuation fund.


Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.


Approved as a valuer for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program providing valuations on Australian art from 1900 - 2000 including paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints and sculpture.


Louise Smith Fine Art can detail the prerequisites required for the donation of artwork and advise on the valuation process.


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A comprehensive valuation includes


An inventory of your collection.

Detailed description of the artwork.

Condition Report.

Insurance value or open market value.

Details about the artist.

Itemised valuation.

If required, images of the most important pieces from your collection are included.



All valuations can be tailored to suit your specific objectives.


All valuation fees are quoted on an individual basis.



Contact us to further discuss your objectives and requirements for your valuation.